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Creative Data Wiring is a division of Creative Technology Solutions, which specializes in providing low voltage wiring solutions for home and office. We are your low voltage network and system intregration solution!

Mitch Pollakoff, the principal of the company, is a certified Computer Network Engineer. Over the last five years, Mitch and his team have been providing the following services to various clients in the area of networking and low voltage connectivity:

Ethernet Connections
Which allow computers to share Internet, storage and printers within a local area network environment.

Telephone Connections
Wiring of telephone jack connections that allow phone users to go beyond basic telephone use
- At home installation in the optimum areas of the home, making telephone use convenient as well as allowing for intercom and phone system integration.
- In the office allows phone lines to be brought up from the demark to the office space, integrating with the phone system and allowing for fax analog lines to modulate fax signals (bypassing the digital connection).
Television Connections
Provides that cable or satellite signals may be shared throughout the needed area be it within the home or office
- This is a coax cable that is wired in a network fashion that allows networking of video signals so that one outside signal can be shared and making it possible to have video surveillance viewable on a designated channel.
Audio Connections
Allows the sharing of one stereo system to send music throughout the space
- At home to have music play throughout the home requiring only one stereo system.
- In the office having the ability to have background music playing as well as the speakers in place for intercom announcements.
HD video wiring
Provides for in the wall wiring of High Definition video signals to your Flat Panel TV so that the wires are not exposed and the components hidden.

This together with the audio wiring creates a surround sound environment, ready for components to be hooked up.
Lighting controls
Allows light switches to be controlled for dimming of control and quick turn on for whole home lighting from one switch.

All of the above wiring options allow Creative Data Wiring to bring in the services of the customer’s chosen Internet, telephone and TV provider into the home or office, so only one inside wiring person is required. The finished wall jacks for phone, television and Internet are provided. Creative Data Wiring installs a structured media cabinet that allows all wiring to function from a central location. The Infrastructure includes the speaker and audio volume control installation. With this infrastructure integrated systems can be networked by Creative Data Wiring.

Currently we have partnered with other companies for phone and security system installation.

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